SASPRO is a Collective Management Organisation (CMO) established to represent Actors who qualify as performers in terms of the Performers’ Protection Act, 1967.  Members authorise SASPRO to represent them and collect royalties in South Africa and in territories where SASPRO has agreements.

By signing this Membership Form, you mandate SASPRO to exclusively act on your behalf in respect of the Mandated Rights, for as long as you  remain a SASPRO member.

Performers’ Remuneration includes:

  1. any income from exercise of rental or lending right;
  2. claims for equitable remuneration or payments for settlement of any entitlement of remuneration;
  3. participation in any private copying levy or payment provisions or other arrangement of a similar nature for
    collective assertion of rights in performances;
  4. remuneration arising or payable to SASPRO Members and Performer Heirs through a CMO whether as a
    requirement under statute or other licensing requirements dictating the collective nature or entitlement to
    remuneration to be allocated and paid in respect of the Performances; or
  5. remuneration from any other agreed right of Performers where any right to collect remuneration is of a
    similar collective nature and for which Members of SASPRO agree, by means of a SASPRO Board
    resolution, that such remuneration should fall to be collected by SASPRO.